Monday, May 9, 2011

Day 1::Kids Clothes Week::Baby Skirt

i did it. i completed day one of the kids clothes week challenge! and this is what i made. a teeny-tiny baby skirt. i followed the "rules" this time and only decided that i would work for an hour. if i finished something in that hour great. if not, oh well, i tried!

baby skirt

in any case, i finished this simple skirt using a tutorial from made it took me a whole hour to complete, which shows how long it's been since i've sat down at my machine. most of the time was spent searching for a safety-pin in order to thread the elastic through the waist. it is 10:42pm therefore i have no cute baby photos. but will hopefully dress my little gemma in this when the sun is shining so you can see just how adorable it is.

check out the flickr group!! so many awesome, talented ladies sewing out there!

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