Sunday, May 23, 2010


as i was running around the house last night, getting things ready for zoe's second birthday, i stopped and tried to remember exactly what i was doing two years ago... i was so anxious. i was scared. i felt oddly alone.

i remember packing and unpacking my hospital bag. folding her little onesies over and over. rearranging furniture. wondering. pacing. thinking. dreaming. waiting. i had envisioned the moment of her birth for a long time and could not wait to hold her in my arms.

and then...

she was born. the most beautiful little cherub. i can still remember the warmth of her tiny body wrapped tightly in her blanket. the quick pace of her little breaths and her tiny sighs. so peaceful she was, that i had to put my ear next to her nose to see if she was breathing. i miss that. but i feel equally happy watching her grow into the little person that goes by the name "z-z".

two years ago sunday...

may 23, 2008


may 23, 2010

she's still my little cherub. and always will be...

happy birthday, zoe mae.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Takin' a break!

i'm going to take a break for the week on posting. school is coming to an end and i need to focus on some things. life gets a little fuzzy sometimes, ya know? zoe turns 2! on sunday and i'll be having a little party for her. just a few friends and family. nothing big, but much to do nonetheless.
another time

i wish i were about to hop into the bus and go on a road trip, but those days are on hold for right now. soon enough we'll be road trippin'.... soon enough.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kids clothes week::Day 7

so i took off saturday. i just had too much to do and could not squeeze in an hour of sewing. by the time 8pm rolled around i was ready for bed! i'm proud of myself for making what i've made so far, so that's a good thing! this little top is something i whipped up in about an hour. i didn't use a pattern for this one, since i've made so many of these before it wasn't necessary. i added the little bowtie, which can be removed and used as a hair bow also. i didn't like the way the bottom hung, so i added some elastic to make a bubble hem, which is much cuter.

kids clothes week::day 7

i said it before, but this little challenge really pushed me to try out the patterns that i ordered that i've been too scared to start. i don't know why that happens. maybe the fear of failure? or messing up? which, i mean really, wouldn't be a huge deal. but it somehow keeps me from trying new things sometimes. even if it's something as simple as sewing a top or dress.

kids clothes week::day 7

it's good to try new things and push yourself out of your comfort zone. be patient with your mistakes and do it over if need be. that's a lesson that can cross over to all parts of our lives... even sewing or maybe fishing!



zoe was so excited when I, yes I, caught a fish... i know it's small, but her smile made it the best catch ever!

hope you all had a magnificent weekend.
we sure did!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Day 5::Kids clothes week

hello friday!! what a great afternoon! today was a test day and work went by smoothly, but i could not wait to get home and do some gardening/yard work before zoe arrived. i was able to mow the lawn, rearrange some plants in the front yard (i have a strange habit of doing this), weed the edible garden, weed whack! the edges and pot a few new plants. it was a good day to do yard work and this evening we had a great storm. zoe woke up wondering what was all the noise and i told her, "oh, someone's playing the drums". she loved it and went right back to sleep. we really needed the rain. the plants will be happy in the morning!

anyway, so i didn't forget about the challenge. today is day 5 and i stumbled across this
free pattern from Oliver+S for their "pop-over" dress. i printed it out and taped it together during my free period and couldn't wait to try it out this evening. it was so easy and fun to make. a very simple pattern, but it's one of those dresses that you know you'll get a lot of use out of in the summer because it's just so easy to "pop-over" and go. perfect for the beach too, which, of course i love! wait, this isn't my size!? i guess i'm going to have to work on making things for me. maybe i'll start a "Big Kid's clothes week".

kid's clothes week::day 5

but i didn't make this one for zoe. i made it for her friend who is turning 3 tomorrow. we are going to her birthday party and i decided i would make this little dress. i hope she likes it.

Pop over dress

on another note, i finally got a few pictures of zoe in the "ice-cream dress" and it fits her just right! success! i am teaching myself a lot of new tricks and techniques. i'm so glad i decided to join this group. thanks again meg for setting this up!


happy in her new dress!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 4:: Kids clothes week

very very tired this evening. tomorrow is friday. thaaaaannnnk goodness! i ran home today after school** and made a pair of pajama pants for zoe. i wanted to make something quick and easy, so i decided to just wing it and not use a pattern. MISTAKE! they turned out way too small for her. hence the need to measure or use an acutal pattern. i'm an amateur people!... sheesh! but that's what i get for rushing. oh well, maybe they'll fit my niece anneka!

Day 4::Kid's clothes week

i am enjoying creating each afternoon. the problem with me is that when i start a project i must finish it! so an hour is never enough time. i work until it's done and that is the reason i don't start a lot of projects because i know how much time i will spend trying to finish it. anyway, i'm rambling... and sleepy... and better get some rest..

**edit: i am not IN school... i'm a teacher...i.e. work=school and vice versa

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day 3:: Kids clothes week

wednesday. 11:15pm. i'm finished the second item... this is a labor of love! i'm actually glad i'm involved in the challenge, because otherwise i would've given up this evening. but i kept going and completed the ice cream dress pattern by oliver+s.

close up

well, almost.... i kind of forgot to put the pockets on... and now it just seems like too much work to go back and put them on! plus, i like the way the dress looks without the pockets, but i may have to put an applique or something on the front just to break it up a bit. what do you think? should i add something to it? or does it look fine just the way it is?

Day 3:: kid's clothes week

instead of the circus this evening i spent the afternoon cutting and getting things ready, then i had to run out to a meeting that i almost forgot i had. stopped by a friend's on the way home and finally sat down to finish the dress at 9:30pm. took some photos and voila!

kid's clothes week:: Day 3

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My favorites so far!

this is so fun! i love seeing all of the participants creations and checking out their blogs too! click on the links below to see more from these talented ladies.

kid's clothes week challenge favorites so far!

Sew by the glow...

DAY 2:: kid's clothes week challenge

ok, so day one was spent cutting out patterns, washing and ironing fabrics. so day two is essentially my day one. anyway, let's not make things complicated!

rarely are there enough hours in the day for me. i have been piling on the work at school (only 12 days until finals!!) and of course when i get home i'd much rather play with zoe than anything else. but, i wanted to finish what i started yesterday and was able to successfully finish zoe's first "challenge" top!

big yellow button

i may have been a little ambitious at first, because the rules say to only spend an hour a day sewing and it took me about 3 hours total to finish this little top! now, the 3 hours also included: eating dinner while standing at the iron, keeping zoe from stabbing herself with my straight pins, feeding zoe chocolate covered pretzels while trying not to get chocolate on my fabric, keeping zoe away from the super hot iron, and trying to convince my ever so helpful partner in parenting to get off the couch and help out! wheew.

kid's clothes week challenge:: day 2

kid's clothes week challenge:: day 2

anyway, i finished and i think it turned out cute. tomorrow i will be making a dress.... hopefully! we'll see if i can squeeze it in to my schedule which goes a little like this: wake up at 5:30am. gym 6-7am. work 7:30. off work at 3:30. go to circus at 3:30 (still don't know how i feel about circuses, they've always freaked me out a little). be home at?? 5:30/6. zoe in bed at 7:30. sew until i can't keep my eyes open. again, i may have been a little ambitious thinking that i could actually sew one garment a day!

on a side note, i just got these little beauties in the mail for zoe yesterday! i love how the yellow patent leather matches the button on her new shirt. summer here we come!

saltwater sandals

***oh, and i SWEAR this summer i will take pictures in the daylight so they aren't always glowing orange!***

Monday, May 10, 2010

On your mark. Get set....SEW!


i posted about the kid's clothes week challenge a while back and today is the first day! lucky for me my inlaws keep zoe a little bit later on mondays so i have an hour to sit down and concentrate on sewing! i'm really excited and will be trying out my new Oliver+S patterns for the challenge.

my goal is to get one item a day done. i hope to make her two dresses, two tops, two skirts and a hat. i'll be sure to post pictures of my projects as i go and hope you'll follow along. if you are participating let me know. i'd love to see your work.

here are some people that are participating:
art nest
woman's work
la vie en verte
through the looking glass

check out the whole list over at elsie marley! and the elsie marley flickr group!

wish me luck!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

I'm her mom.

my girl

the many faces of zoe

the many faces of zoe

the many faces of zoe

velcro curlers!

and it's really fun.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


i have long admired skateboarding. i would say that i skate. but am by no means a skateboarder. i can ollie. i can ride a board. i can almost kickflip. i can ride on a ramp, but can't make a complete turn. it's something that is so fun and so extremely difficult at the same time. it's somewhat addictive. because the moment you make one right move, you just feel it. and when you feel it, you want to feel it again. if you've ever skated, you know what i mean.

these young guys are definitely feeling it. and they are putting to shame any attempts i've ever made at the sport. more power to 'em. and to you if you choose to partake in this addictive, adrenaline pumping, and yes, i think, beautiful sport. i can honestly say, i hope zoe rides a skateboard one day.

i heart skateboarding

1. strenuous things, 2. sTyLe, 3. skateboarding is fun, 4.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cannelle et Vanille!

Cannelle et Vanille is my new girlfriend! ok, not really, but i am really excited to have just found this blog. i just wish that by some small twist of fate she were my next door neighbor that invited me over for delicious deserts and fresh beautifully arranged foods! by the way, i think i might be the last person on earth to hear about this blog! i mean, she's one of "martha's circle". i love her blog so much and can't get enough of her wonderful recipes and amazing photos!

Cannelle et Vanille

Aran is a mother, food writer, stylist and photographer. her heirloom tomato and quinoa gallete had me at 'hello'! and her cherry blossom macaroons... um, yea. amazing. her images are so warm and inviting. it's as if you've just pulled up a chair at her table and are about to dig into a delicious meal! oh well, guess i'll just have to try out her recipes for myself...

Cannelle et Vanille

Cannelle et Vanille

**All images and content are copyright of Aran Goyoaga**

Sunday, May 2, 2010


i hope you're all having a wonderful week! keep on smiling and go find
something beautiful to enjoy....

simple cheer
1. Tas-ka, 2. Red Dala Horse, 3. Untitled, 4. chair, 5. bedroom, 6. black & white, 7. Untitled, 8. Little Folks Blanket, 9. Hexagon Sewing Machine cover