Monday, October 4, 2010

Costume ideas and Ohdeedoh feature!

awhile back i entered a Homecrafted Halloween feature for Ohdeedoh. i completely forgot about it until today, when i got an email saying that they had used the costume i made for zoe's first halloween!! their feature today was about homemade chicken costumes. it's super easy to do and they posted my instructions on the site. check it out!

here are the other chicken costumes featured along with ours. zoe is the chicken butt in the middle of the bottom row! she was only 5 months old.

this is very exciting for two reasons: one, i LOVE ohdeedoh and two, i LOVE halloween! i've been brainstorming this year for ideas. i've tried asking zoe, but her answers are all over the place! she really likes firemen and this could be a really easy costume since we have a hat, jacket and boots already. but i think she would make a great Cindy Lou Who!

here is her picture last year as a squirrel, which i made in about 15 minutes by simply attaching the collar of one of my coats as her tail and hot gluing ears onto her sweatshirt. then i cut out a patch of soft fur-like fabric for the front.

what are you going to be for halloween?? do you still dress up or am i the only nerd? what about your little one?

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  1. Awesome, congrats, Pam! And no, you're not the only one who loves dressing up (although maybe it just runs in the family? Justin seems to think I'm a bit too excited about Halloween... but what does he know?!).

    Since I don't know how to thread a bobbin, I was lame and bought Dean a costume this year. If he doesn't totally hate it, he'll be a garden gnome on Halloween! :)