Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Repurposed Vintage Sheets!

i picked up this pack of vintage sheet squares from ironsea's etsy shop this summer and just new they would make the perfect little baby quilt. ironsea has a nice selection of vintage sheets, that you just can't find around these here parts, hon. so i was excited to find such a great collection already cut up and ready to go. and at a reasonable price!

sweet vintage

i would not call myself a quilter. i've been too impatient to really sit down and read a book on quilting or follow any particular pattern. needless to say my quilts are all wonky and the binding around the edges is a bit... a lot..messy. still, it looks cute and it makes me happy when i see zoe with handmade shirts or dresses on, so i know i'll be so happy when i see lil' sis snugglin' in her new baby quilt!

small baby quilt

*oh, and the little toy, if you're interested, is by haba toys. i love that their toys are made from sustainable wood sources and have great design features.


  1. Hi Pam, I've been reading your blog and love it! How cute is this quilt?! I have "ugly" (translation - awesome) old 70s flowered sheets that belonged to my parents when they first got married. I should try to do something crafty with them.

    Congrats on lil' sis! What great news. It's funny, i always pictured myself with girls, and here I am with my little Sebastian. But, as I am sure you feel too, I wouldn't change a thing. Keep blogging, I love reading and seeing all the pretty pics of your creations.

    Meredith (Pirone) Cordisco

    P.S. I too love haba wooden toys. I'm pretty sure I love them more than Sebbie.

  2. thanks meredith! and thanks for stopping by. i love vintage sheets, you're lucky you've got a stash! i can totally see your parents with some good ones : )

  3. oh i love it! and i'm jealous you've made something for baby already! looks so cuddle-able....

  4. This is so cute! I was just browsing through one of the vintage sheet groups on flickr and I thought to myself, wow I have a bunch of those sheets! Then I saw your photo of the squares and realized wait, I cut those squares! ;)

    It turned out great! And looks so snuggly!