Wednesday, September 15, 2010

18 Weeks: "Lil' Sis" it is...

18 weeks

the winner for the nickname contest, if there was one, is "lil' sis". so i guess that makes zoe, bub rub (google it...). thanks dad.

i can't believe we're almost halfway there. overall i feel great. a little tired, but that's my own fault! i stay up too late and need to get to bed earlier. i started to feel little baby kicks pretty early this time around. as a matter of fact, i can feel her right now! she must have known i was writing about her.

i've been running around the house like a crazy woman, organizing, sewing, cleaning, sorting... oh, i sound like an old-maid! but i don't mind so much. i like creating a home, i always have. and this time around i know what my limits are and when i can expect to not be able to do a lot of things i'm still able to do. so i'm trying to get things done now, so i can relax later. even in college i took a lot of time just making a place, no matter how long i'd stay there, my home. my mom always said, "you could make a campground look inviting" or something like that. referring to the fact that most places i lived were complete shit holes but still ended up being pretty cozy, thanks to a little tlc. well, off to get stuff done!

hope you're having a wonderful day where ever you are!


  1. It goes "woooooooo". Like an alarm clock, get up and make somebody breakfast. LOL---D'Andre

  2. Did wonders at my place!!

  3. Come work your magic up North please!

  4. D'Andre, ahahahaha!

    renee, i'd have to see it to believe it ; )

    kate, you don't need my magic... you've got plenty! but i'll try and come anyway!