Sunday, August 29, 2010

Remember us? I know, I know...

i know what i said! blah, blah, blah, life happens! anyway, i'm going to blame my four month absence on first trimester pregnancy. yes, i am happy to say i am 4 months along with baby #2 and feeling much better, thank-you-very-much. SO, there's that. and summer was full of bike riding, beaches, vacationing, a little painting (thanks dad), a LOT of napping, and very little sewing. oh, and my garden was an epic fail! apparently our backyard does not get enough sun. when i planted the garden the trees hadn't quite grown in yet and as summer progressed so did the shade.

so i'm back in my routine,that i mentioned before. interesting how when school starts back up i seem to be more motivated to get things done. it helps me prioritize my time. i know i only have X number of hours to do this or that, so i better not waste the time. and now that i have the energy to do things, other than nap when zoe is napping, i have already been more productive in the past two weeks than i was all summer!

first up, a new quilt for the new baby! i finished the front today and plan on having it backed and finished by the end of the week. we find out on wednesday if #2 is a boy or girl and i am very excited to find out. it would be fun to have a boy, but i am guessing girl. i just have a feeling... any guesses??


i am showing a lot sooner than i did last time and that is proving to be a challenge when getting dressed in the morning. i am still in that "sorta-looking-like-i-ate-too-many-ice-cream-cones-this-summer-oh-and-french-fries-and-fudge" as opposed to looking pregnant. although, the smoothie guy asked me if i was expecting the other day, much to his delight (he would've felt awful if i said no!) i said i was. so that made me feel like i'm looking pregnant as opposed to chubby.


anyway, i'm rambling. blogging is weird like that, i hate feeling self absorbed and talking about myself, but i also love reading about others and their day-to-day lives. anyone out there? oh, well. sometimes just writing helps me clear my head. i will be posting more often. so that should make someone happy, even if it's just me!


  1. makes me happy! i love the quilt. i got some vintage sheets from my grandma recently.... looking forward to doing something with them. you look great :)

  2. Makes me happy! Love reading your posts!