Sunday, August 29, 2010

Nesting: the sequel

**and just because i like you, i'm going to post twice in one day!**

i'm dying over all of these rooms. so cheerful, so bright, so fun... it's an inspiration overload!

inspiration overload!


  1. #5--I think i saw this one on OhDeeDoh.... Have you looked at their nursery tours? I really like the wood panelling in 5 & 6 and have gently suggested to Matt that we should do some variation on this. We'll see! And I just love the built-in corner seat....

  2. oh yes! i love ohdeedoh! i found it soon after i had zoe and wish i would've found it before i had her. i too am a fan of the wood panelling, although with our high ceilings it might be strange. i guess we could top it off with some molding. your house would look great with it though!