Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sew by the glow...

DAY 2:: kid's clothes week challenge

ok, so day one was spent cutting out patterns, washing and ironing fabrics. so day two is essentially my day one. anyway, let's not make things complicated!

rarely are there enough hours in the day for me. i have been piling on the work at school (only 12 days until finals!!) and of course when i get home i'd much rather play with zoe than anything else. but, i wanted to finish what i started yesterday and was able to successfully finish zoe's first "challenge" top!

big yellow button

i may have been a little ambitious at first, because the rules say to only spend an hour a day sewing and it took me about 3 hours total to finish this little top! now, the 3 hours also included: eating dinner while standing at the iron, keeping zoe from stabbing herself with my straight pins, feeding zoe chocolate covered pretzels while trying not to get chocolate on my fabric, keeping zoe away from the super hot iron, and trying to convince my ever so helpful partner in parenting to get off the couch and help out! wheew.

kid's clothes week challenge:: day 2

kid's clothes week challenge:: day 2

anyway, i finished and i think it turned out cute. tomorrow i will be making a dress.... hopefully! we'll see if i can squeeze it in to my schedule which goes a little like this: wake up at 5:30am. gym 6-7am. work 7:30. off work at 3:30. go to circus at 3:30 (still don't know how i feel about circuses, they've always freaked me out a little). be home at?? 5:30/6. zoe in bed at 7:30. sew until i can't keep my eyes open. again, i may have been a little ambitious thinking that i could actually sew one garment a day!

on a side note, i just got these little beauties in the mail for zoe yesterday! i love how the yellow patent leather matches the button on her new shirt. summer here we come!

saltwater sandals

***oh, and i SWEAR this summer i will take pictures in the daylight so they aren't always glowing orange!***


  1. i love this shirt but i can't find the pattern on the website. what is it called?

  2. it's the ice-cream dress pattern by oliver+s. i just made it shorter to be a top!