Friday, May 14, 2010

Day 5::Kids clothes week

hello friday!! what a great afternoon! today was a test day and work went by smoothly, but i could not wait to get home and do some gardening/yard work before zoe arrived. i was able to mow the lawn, rearrange some plants in the front yard (i have a strange habit of doing this), weed the edible garden, weed whack! the edges and pot a few new plants. it was a good day to do yard work and this evening we had a great storm. zoe woke up wondering what was all the noise and i told her, "oh, someone's playing the drums". she loved it and went right back to sleep. we really needed the rain. the plants will be happy in the morning!

anyway, so i didn't forget about the challenge. today is day 5 and i stumbled across this
free pattern from Oliver+S for their "pop-over" dress. i printed it out and taped it together during my free period and couldn't wait to try it out this evening. it was so easy and fun to make. a very simple pattern, but it's one of those dresses that you know you'll get a lot of use out of in the summer because it's just so easy to "pop-over" and go. perfect for the beach too, which, of course i love! wait, this isn't my size!? i guess i'm going to have to work on making things for me. maybe i'll start a "Big Kid's clothes week".

kid's clothes week::day 5

but i didn't make this one for zoe. i made it for her friend who is turning 3 tomorrow. we are going to her birthday party and i decided i would make this little dress. i hope she likes it.

Pop over dress

on another note, i finally got a few pictures of zoe in the "ice-cream dress" and it fits her just right! success! i am teaching myself a lot of new tricks and techniques. i'm so glad i decided to join this group. thanks again meg for setting this up!


happy in her new dress!


  1. You made some really cute clothes.

  2. thanks so much! and thanks for stopping by to look. it means so much when people take the time to leave a comment : )