Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 4:: Kids clothes week

very very tired this evening. tomorrow is friday. thaaaaannnnk goodness! i ran home today after school** and made a pair of pajama pants for zoe. i wanted to make something quick and easy, so i decided to just wing it and not use a pattern. MISTAKE! they turned out way too small for her. hence the need to measure or use an acutal pattern. i'm an amateur people!... sheesh! but that's what i get for rushing. oh well, maybe they'll fit my niece anneka!

Day 4::Kid's clothes week

i am enjoying creating each afternoon. the problem with me is that when i start a project i must finish it! so an hour is never enough time. i work until it's done and that is the reason i don't start a lot of projects because i know how much time i will spend trying to finish it. anyway, i'm rambling... and sleepy... and better get some rest..

**edit: i am not IN school... i'm a teacher...i.e. work=school and vice versa

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