Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day 3:: Kids clothes week

wednesday. 11:15pm. i'm finished the second item... this is a labor of love! i'm actually glad i'm involved in the challenge, because otherwise i would've given up this evening. but i kept going and completed the ice cream dress pattern by oliver+s.

close up

well, almost.... i kind of forgot to put the pockets on... and now it just seems like too much work to go back and put them on! plus, i like the way the dress looks without the pockets, but i may have to put an applique or something on the front just to break it up a bit. what do you think? should i add something to it? or does it look fine just the way it is?

Day 3:: kid's clothes week

instead of the circus this evening i spent the afternoon cutting and getting things ready, then i had to run out to a meeting that i almost forgot i had. stopped by a friend's on the way home and finally sat down to finish the dress at 9:30pm. took some photos and voila!

kid's clothes week:: Day 3


  1. So cute! Looks perfect without the pockets :)

  2. I think it's fine the way it is! Very pretty!

  3. I vote no pockets too. I love the ice cream dress and wow! that fabric is gorgeous. What is it?

  4. hey! I just noticed you live in annapolis. I went to college there!

  5. hey meg! yes, i live right near downtown. did you go to St. John's?

    the fabric is amy butler's Love collection and i believe it's called water bouquet. it also comes in navy which is really pretty too.

  6. Oh my, can you make one of these in my size, please? So cute!!