Monday, November 30, 2009

Taking a Break

ahhh, what a nice break! a very busy break, but i always find busy better than being bored. we were lucky to enjoy some beautiful weather here and there and made sure to take full advantage.

taking a hike through thomas point state park

beautiful crisp morning


i love having breakfast on a weekday morning with zoe. we like to go to the Leeward Market in Eastport. if you live in the annapolis area, it is hands down the best breakfast joint. they make awesome lattes and serve great homemade food. bonus: it's hardly ever crowded.

enjoying breakfast with her mama.

(we were talking about how Oprah just up and quit! the nerve!)
oh, and they have a kid's corner. awesome vintage furniture. and magazines for the big kids!

since it was raining that day i decided to go home and have a little photo shoot.
zoe is my favorite model... duh.

baron had to be involved of course. they both wanted to go outside SO bad... me too.

and that's a wrap! yay!

oh, and somehow, i managed to make and sell twenty pies, drive to delaware, eat two thanksgiving dinners, go to my ten year high school reunion, hang out with more friends in four days than i have in four years and hold a friend's brand new baby! wheeew.

like i said... busy is better than bored.

oh, and here's one for good measure....

always wear your helmet when taking baby for a walk! safety first kids!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What's in your closet?

don't know? neither do i most days. and sometimes i just don't have the creative energy to put together outfits. you too? well, here are some ladies that inspire me daily and help me reinvent clothes in my closet.
before zoe came along i used to spend hours perusing thrift stores, staring at my closet, paging through magazines, etc. searching for inspiration for outfits. i enjoy getting dressed and think of it as a necessary creative outlet. since i work full time and have lots of other things to do when i get home, i tend not to spend as much time shopping or playing dress up as i used to. that's where the internet steps in!

jen loves kev

my new favorite past time is looking at fashion blogs! these ladies are extraordinary-ordinary girls like you (ok, not you dad) and they have mad style. many of these girls work 9-5 jobs, yet still look incredibly stylish and for the most part it's done on a teacher friendly budget. i usually look at them before bed, once zoe is down for the count and get inspiration for my workday outfit. it's like a little shot of creative juice before bed and helps me put together outfits from my own closet without all of the thinking! these women are a few of my favorites.

Monday, November 23, 2009

I heart Bikes

there's something about riding a bike on a nice fall day that makes me so happy!
i have a nice cruiser with a seat on the back for zoe and we take a ride just about everyday when i get home from work.
i love my bike, but these are just plain BEAUTIFUL!

via all the mountains

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


yet another place to visit in Brooklyn.

green art. what's not to love.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Inspiration for the Home

wow! i just found this house tour over at bloesem and i LOVE it. Tania Patritti is a german based artisan that creates all kinds of handmade treasures, some of which you can see below.
check out her online shop and these images from her home!

i have been looking everywhere for a cabinet like this!
what a nice studio space.

Monday, November 16, 2009

No6 Boots

a vintage collector and a stylist... these beauties are in their store.
next time i'm in NYC i must visit the No6 store for myself.

i caught a picture of my favorite dressing female wearing them and, yes i know they're clogs, i just LOVE them. bonus, they're weather proof!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Have I mentioned how much I love this kid?

taking a bow for being awesome...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

MiLK! la mode enfantine

stealing candy from a baby would just be wrong, but stealing the clothes off these kids, may be justified....

via milk

Pregnancy Amnesia

hi there. raise your hand if you've had a baby recently! raise your hand if you remember pregnancy.... really, do you? because if you do you'll remember that it's an emotional roller coaster, filled with vomiting, bloating, waddling, cursing, crying, exhaustion and frustration. in other words, pure *bliss*. the best time of your life. the happiest time of your life.
many women, myself included, experience "pregnancy amnesia", "birth amnesia", and "breastfeeding amnesia". Other expecting moms will ask you about your experiences and you will calmly respond "oh, that? piece of cake! it seemed hard at the time, but really, no big deal!" right? RIGHT? i mean, my pregnancy was really easy. no, really... it was!
there are many explanations for this pregnancy amnesia. for one, if we actually thought about it, no woman would ever put herself through pregnancy/birth ever again. but our biological disposition to populate this planet makes us forget about all of the "blissful experiences" i mentioned above. so we go on procreating, filling the world with little humans! and of course, babies are friggin' cute (see below).

Exibit A and D

i digress. i realize i'm scaring the shit out of certain people reading this blog right now. i can hear them now. DO NOT HAVE ANOTHER CHILD! WE FORBID IT!

do not worry parental units! i'm simply talking about this because i'm SO excited for my friends who are expecting their first (and second *hi jen!*) babies in the next few months. and i can't wait to tell them annoying things about how wonderful it all is and how little sleep they'll be getting and how it's the best thing EVER and and and.... oh, so excited for you ladies. i can't wait to steal your babies!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Simple Shoes

i often get a lot of flack for enjoying fashion the way that i do. meaning, i have a lot of clothes! whenever i tell mike he's being wasteful with this or that he reminds me how wasteful i am when it comes to consuming clothing. i try, i really do, to be concious of my purchases, but fashion sometimes trumps my eco-friendly intentions!
alas, there are Simple shoes for kids! both eco-friendly, made from recycled/recyclable materials, and adorable! they were the first purchase i made for zoe before she was born and i've just recently purchased a pair of boots that she wears pretty much everyday. check them out here and get your little babe a pair, i promise you won't be disappointed..... and you'll feel good about purchasing something good for the earth!

also, i don't have a little boy, but these shoes make me wish i did! the boys are even cuter than the girls' shoes. and they say girls are more fun to dress...!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Reach for the Skyline

Since Mon­day, Oct. 26, Bri­tish artist Stephen Wiltshire has been filling in an 18-foot can­vas at the Pratt Inti­tute in Brooklyn as he attempts to draw the entire Manhat­tan sky­line from memory. Diag­no­sed with autism at the age of three, Wiltshire has an unu­sually power­ful pho­to­graphic memory that he has applied to ren­de­ring citys­ca­pes, inc­lu­ding Lon­don, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Rome, Madrid, Frank­furt, Dubai and Jerusalem.
check out his website and see him via live webcam. wow.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Trick or Treat!

who me? oh, well, i uh. um. i've been really busy? yea. sorry about the lack of posts for almost 2 weeks! life gets so crazy. never fear, i am here to post cute pictures and update you on the projects i've been working on behind the scenes. also, every now and then i'll throw in some things i loved twice and hope that you do too!
i woke up to the pitter patter of rain on the skylight in our room on Halloween morning and almost got bummed out... that is until i realized that i HAD to make zoe a costume. and said costume HAD to be a SQUIRREL! i couldn't stop thinking about it, so i was on a mission to get her decked out as a squirrel from about 630am.
and here my friends is what i came up with....

a squirrel costume! it's one of her funniest sounds.... sounds? you say. yes, sounds. when you ask her what a squirrel says she'll go, "ssskkkwwwwiiiiiirrrrr!" and it cracks me up every time. or if she sees one outside, same thing.

so here is her in all of her "skkkkkwwwwiiiiirrrr" glory!

hope you had a happy HALLOWEEN!

PS.... NOVEMBER??? really!?